Hot Jewelry Trends for The Holiday Season

While this season’s fashions are slim and feminine, jewelry has gone clunkier, chunkier and even a little retro. Everything from a winter sweater to a little black dress can shine with the help of a few select pieces.

According to the fashion, long, layered necklaces that hit the waist are a must. Also big are those that can be wrapped around numerous times at varying lengths so that the same necklace can be used for different looks at different times of the day. Likewise, beads are back and bigger than ever. You can wrap your neck or wrist in stunning strands and create an eye-catching accent.
Here are some other trends that can be expected this season:
- Green in all shades, especially olive. Yellow gold also is back in vogue.
- Bracelets, oversized and stacked, that mix and match textures and colors. Charm bracelets also are making a comeback from the 1970s. In fact, the more abundant and heavily charmed they are, the better. Layering different charm bracelets on one wrist is another popular look.
- Necklaces of different shapes and sizes – worn at the same time. Each “layer” is a different length and of a different type. For example, one necklace might be beaded, another might be longer with charms, and the third might be longer still with a large pendant.

- Dangling earrings with beads. In a nod to the ’80s, these accents are bohemian yet feminine and romantic.
- Cameos that add a level of sophistication to the neutral or natural colors and flowing soft fabrics of this season’s clothes. They can serve a dual purpose by acting as pins or pendants.
- Rings that are big, bold and accented by diamonds. Stackable rings in tri-gold (white, rose and yellow) can be mixed and matched for an individual look.

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