How You Can Improve Your Feminine Energy

Part 3.We must admit that we live in a very large voltage. Our body is adapted to stress, but only for a very short distances. Our body is constructed so, that in the event of danger, it is able to increase the level of hormones – to save ourself.
How long are you living in stress?
Prolonged stress – attribute of our times. A woman can not reduce stress, acting like a man. But many women are just trying to do so. Methods for recovery, dealing with stress in women and men are not just different – they are diametrically different.

The following are ways to deal with stress for men and women. We are very different.

Factors that reduce stress for men:
- Goal setting;
- The possibility to see the finish line. A clear beginning and a clear ending of acting.
- Competition with others;
- The ability, opportunity and the time to solve the problem (money – as a tool for solving problems);
- The mood as “Leave it to me”, “I’ll do it myself”. When he is a hero;
- Risk. Danger.
- The right to dominate. When a woman allows a man to manage.
- The power, influence.
- The success and effectiveness. When woman recognizes this. Even if it isn’t, she behaves as if he was successful.
- Factor urgency as a mobilizing force.

Factors that reduce stress for women:
- Ability to share – with her problems, responsibilities.
- The ability to communicate with others.
- Security. Calmness.
- Beauty. Comfort of home, beautiful things and the atmosphere;
- Cleaness. Clothing, relationships, housing, utensils.
- The ability to trust. And the feeling that people are open to you.
- Cooperation. Opportunity to do something together.
- Care. Give and receive care.
- Praise and compliments.
- An expression of love in all forms.
- Different types of women’s skills. Embroidery, knitting, sewing, soft toys, jewelery, playing many instruments, games, writing poetry.
- The ability to feed, entertain, share food.
- Support. Give and receive support.
- The Life without further improvisations. Rhythm, regularity, continuity and mode.

Now you know factors, that reduce stress in your life. The less level of stress you have – the more you are attractive for men. Now you know what men need. As you can see we are very different. That’s why it’s so hard to understand each other. In the next article I will give you many advises about filling yourself with the feminine energy.

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