Learn to listen to your heart

     Learn to listen to yourself. You have no idea how important this is. It forms your future, health and prosperity. Within each of us there is a whole world. In every moment we are in a certain state, experiencing emotions and feelings. Learn to put the focus inside yourself and listen to whatever your heart says. If you do not know yourself, if you are in the doldrums, often frustrated, suffer, cry a lot, if you do not know what you want or you can not make an important decision – you probably do not know how to listen to yourself.

Your heart can speak to you in a language of feelings. Thoughts produce feelings. The most common causes of disease are negative thoughts and emotions. It so happens that sometimes we don’t even hear what we experience negative emotions. We locked ourselves from ourselves, because we do not want to experience negative feelings. But these feelings trying to tell us something very important … We want to be good for everyone – wives that love, obedient daughters, loyal friends, and so on. According to this, many women simply lock their negative feelings and do not show them, because they do not want to spoil the relationship or they are afraid to be themselves.

Learn to be yourself. All that is within you – is important, has value. Pay attention to it, accept it, express it – that it is your duty. Learn to live your emotions fully, consciously. Do not ignore wrong offenses, half lived situations, half forgiven situations – all this will come back to you. Every situation needs to be resolved. There is a good exercise for the development of this skill – the ability to listen to yourself. Try for a month, a week, a few days or just a day to keep a diary of your emotions and feelings. Try to keep a small notebook and write in it all that you feel in your inner world throughout the day. Fear, anger, joy, humiliation, pride, inspiration, anger, etc. Recognize your feelings and emotions – it is not an easy job. Be honest with yourself. All feelings are good and correct, there is no wrong or bad. Do not be afraid to experience negative emotions. If you did not listen to yourself, it’s likely that you will be haunted by the unresolved situations and feelings from your past – they may come to you, arise with or without any reason. Start listening to yourself – means first of all – to have a courage to look into the eyes of your pain that you’ve been accumulating over the years. Find a good psychologist, if the situation you have a severe and prolonged.

The ability to listen to yourself will help you become happier. Improve your health, your relationships, you will become so beautiful. Remember that our thoughts create our future. Thoughts come and go. Only you will choose which ones to trust and which are not. The more you think about something, the more you believe it, the more likely this will take place at the physical level. Stop supporting the ideas that can make you feel bad or scare. Love yourself, be yourself, choose those thoughts that make you feel good.
I wish you happiness and love!

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