The Female Energy

Part 2.All we need is love. When you empty energetically, you don’t like anything, you’re not satisfied. But when you’re full of energy – then everything becomes enjoyable. A woman who has no female energy potentially unattractive, even if she looks like a model, wears causing and the most attractive for men clothing.
Men feel, which woman is empty. Even if you have the most beautiful nails, hair, flawless makeup, perfume – they feel, that you are empty. There is nothing in you, that they really need.
A woman who has female energy says a little bit, she is calm and kind. Oxytocin – a hormone that is associated with female energy (it also called lunar energy). When it is growing very strongly a woman becomes extremely attractive and conducive to conversation. Feminine energy, lunar energy – it is a scientific fact that has a quantitative measurement.
Have you ever felt like you have nothing to give. Sometimes it happens so that everybody need our attention: husband, children, relatives, friends. We feel powerless. But we can only give what we have.
If there is peace inside of you, you can give peace. You can not give happiness when you does not have it. First you need to find it. Find peace within. First take care of yourself. Fill yourself with feminine energy. You need to do it regularly. In the next article I will show how.

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