Ways of filling with feminine energy. Taking care of others.

Ways of filling with feminine energy. Taking care of others (to serve, to surround by love, charity)

- Participate in life, care and support of your family. Only women have this ability. We are able feel, understand, reconcile, hear needs of our relatives. We can care and fill them with love, energy, comfort, strength. In difficult times, we can inspire hope and create a sense of safety, security, kindness and warmth.

- Educate and train your children. This is not an easy task. Sometimes knowledge, what we have is not enough to bring a happy person in life. Engage your children. Play games with them. Spend time with them. Children need our love and attention. Be close to them.

- Send a postcard (for any reason) or send a letter to someone. You can even send a parcel. Call to those people who remember and love you. Ask how they’re doing, maybe they need something. Simple, kind attention and care is pleasant to all.

- Give the perfect gift, make a pleasant surprise for someone. You don’t need a reason for the gift. Everyone loves surprises. Surprise the ones you love, or even a stranger. Give the people what they like. Just listen to what they say, their dreams, ask them leading questions.

- Arrange a bird feeder or feed any animals. I love to feed the ducks in the park and pigeons. This immediately raises the level of the female energy. When you pet or feed your pets, you become filled.

- Take care of growing or breeding flowers (soot and care for plants, especially flowering, fruiting and edible). Any plants care raises the energy, even just watering. The more you will be surrounded by your loved, beautiful, blooming flowers, the better will be your energy level. It is important that flowers must please you.

- Offer any care to someone (friends, family, strangers …people in need). You can spend time with your friend child, take care of him. Do good deeds. Observe those who need some help. Help those you can help. When you help others you help yourself.

- Participate in charity (deeds and financially). Take care of other people’s children (children’s homes, in the street). Unselfishly participate in medical institutions, hospice, child boarding. Participate in the life of single and elderly people.

- Feed the hungry or homeless people.

- Express your joy and love in all its forms and at any time (share your happiness with others.) Become a positive example for others. As you have an inexhaustible source of love. Share it with others.

- Give things – clothes, toys, books, to children who grew up in an orphanage, kindergarten, friends (who have kids that are appropriate for age) or put in containers for unwanted clothing and footwear.