Ways of filling with feminine energy. Relationships.

Ways of filling with feminine energy. Relationships (joint tasks, communication, relationships)

- Communicate with other women. Feminine energy increases when dealing with women. This friendship could enrich your life. After all, no man will never be able to understand you as it will make the woman. And for men are much more difficult to listen about your feelings and problems. A friend will listen and support you with joy. Especially valuable is to speak with married women, who live happy family life. They can be your treasure – you will find the wisdom and the experience and support, and friendship and love – in one person.

- Stay informed, communicate with family and friends (in person, phone, skype, letters). Improve your relationship with your parents. You must have an equal love to both, the father and the mother. Thanks to them you getting the energy of whole family. Your friends should be adjusted kindly, they also helping you to stay filled. Do not associate with those people that you do not feel well after conversation. People really useful for you can bring you joy, support and inspiration. Gently try to trim your surroundings.

- Invite your friends. Gather up a group of women and start doing something together. You can double the effect of energy and try to create something. Play games, watch movies, cook a dinner or just feed your friends, arrange a tea party or a tea ceremony, you can be engaged in any nonsense (the main thing – the mood of cooperation).

- Form a club of young mothers or join existing clubs. At this point, we obtain a sum of several ways – dialogue with women, like-minded women and kids. Furthermore, since you can escape from the routine of everyday life – just find some moms and do something together – go for a walk, visit each other’s homes, chat, be friends families.

- Compliments – yourself and to other women. Women are currently involved in a relationship – they always want to talk about other people. And this habit is very difficult to change. The easiest method against the conviction of people – begin their praise. Switch for good, look for good in every person and make a compliment. Everyone love a kind words, women can really great to support each other, feeding the compliments. A man does not always notice the new hairstyle, but a friend will notice even new styling of the same haircut. Use kind words – compliment your friends, colleagues and relatives. And learn to accept compliments, not rejecting or embarrassed them.

- Communicate with peers, with a positive and enthusiastic people. Quality of communication plays important role. If you talk about intimate things with everybody, the strength will not increase, but instead will fall. So remember that we need to communicate heart to heart with someone who understands you and accepts. Communicate about the good, kind, bright and high things, tell inspiring stories, share experiences, knowledge and love. Then your energy will increase.

- Play with children (teeter, play with the ball, inflate balloons, blow bubbles). This seems silly and out of place – to play with them in children’s games, fool around, sing and dance. But in fact, any woman can afford it. You can also teach children – dancing, singing, games, crafts and needlework. This will be useful not only for you but also for them. And remember that every child dreams about such motherĀ  – who, together with him will jump on the bed, paint walls in the bathroom, cook cakes in the shape of cartoon characters, embroider hearts and will do many interesting things.

- Spend your free time with family. You can go to eat at the cafe or have a ceremonial dinner at home, invite guests or go to visit somebody, arrange a picnic, go to a nearby town, go to the cinema, theater, leisure centers and many other options. Use your imagination.