Ways of filling with feminine energy. Taking care of your inner world.

Part 5. Ways of filling with feminine energy:

- Keep a diary. Psychologists recommend a diary. You do not have to do this every day. Diary – your helper in self-knowledge. Thanks to him, you can express your negative emotions freely, plan something, hear yourself, get to know who you are, what you really need and it is important to you. Alleviate your condition, share with the diary, doing so you are protecting your loved ones from your negative emotions. You can talk to them later, more calmly. Talk each other with love.

- Take time to stay in seclusion (which may be, for example, meditation, or walk alone). In the fact that we can talk with ourselves in our thoughts is nothing strange. We need this for our growth. It’s like you can touch with your left hand to your right hand, and the same in the consciousness. So many thoughts control us, they need to be ordered. Someone once said, “The time to be with others and time to be alone.” Give time to yourself. Take care of what’s inside. All that is within you – worth an attention.

- Reading books (female novels, fairy tales with happy endings.) Reading a book should bring you pleasure and be a positive context. Do you have any favorite books? Read them to raise your feminine lunar energy. You can read in many places, while you outdoors, in the bathroom, anywhere. Books should to inspire and uplift you.

- Watch a movie or TV series (about love and relationships, nature and animals of the world). The movie does not have to be heavy, scary, dramatic. You should watch it and relax, laugh, have fun, feel good. In a separate article, I will discuss with you the list of recommended films. It is best to watch movies with friends.

- Listen to a pleasant, positive or favorite music. You can sing and dance. This raises the female energy in many times. Live in the music, fill with music every day.

- Look at the pictures, photos, journals (nature, home, travel, fashion, crafts, design). Subscribe to beautiful pictures. Buy women’s magazines. Often look at the beautiful pictures. You can even make a folder on your computer where you will save your favorite, inspirational images.¬†¬†Find new amazing wallpapers for your computer.

- Keep in touch with God. Skip this step if you do not believe in God. I will not convince you. We all live in a world where there are invisible beyond the physical laws. It does not matter do you know about it or not, do you believe that this world is ruled by force, that created the universe or not, you are still exposing to it’s laws. Communicate with this force. Know that it always hear you and respond. Ask and you shall receive.

- Read and feel affirmations. Cultivate optimism, kindness and positive thinking. Affirmations work. With affirmations you are making a path to your subconscious mind, which embodies all of what you believe in your life. You can listen Louise Hay affirmations or can create yours. Work with your beliefs. Change your attitude about yourself. Change yourself and you will change your life. One positive thought in the morning can change the whole day!

- Be grateful (optional – keep a journal of gratitude to God, fate, loved ones). Power of gratitude – the greatest power! Are you grateful for what you already have? Try to find in your life things, which you can be grateful about. The most valuable thing you have – it’s your life. Power of gratitude helps us to switch the brain from displeasure to pleasure. If you lead a gratitude journal to life or fate, you will start to love it. If you maintain a journal to your husband, you will begin to treat him better (this will improve your relationship). Select satisfaction and enjoy this feeling, take the time in every day to be thankful for something. Sit down right now and write – what you can be grateful about. In daily life we must see that it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratefulness that makes us happy.

- Love yourself. Smile in the mirror every morning. Remember that the only person that affects your well-being, health, happiness – is you! Become the best and most loyal friend to yourself. Give yourself such qualities as kindness, honesty, trust, caring, believe in yourself. Be the love you want to have. Do not wait for someone else will love you! If you do not love yourself, somebody’s love will never be enough! You can be happy now. Believe that you are perfect just as you are. Love yourself!