Ways of filling with feminine energy. Taking care of yourself (body and mind).

Part 4. Ways of filling with feminine energy:

If you want to make yourself and your family happy, you need to be filled with the feminine energy. We can only give what we have. I provide you with a list of things, which will make your energy stronger. It will seem selfish. I’ll just say: it seems. What seems like the right way to be selfish, in fact the only way to do something for your family and yourself.
This knowledge based on the Vedic knowledges. Thousands of women have used it and experienced. It works. Try to follow this list a few days (better every day) and you will see the results. The main thing – is every day to do something new from the list. Those things, that you have not done. The more you will do – the more filled you will be.
Here is a list of things, following which you can release stress, make yourself happy and make your family stronger:

1. Taking care of yourself (only for yourself alone);
- Take time for a walk. Walk more often. Your task is to absorb as much of the beauty from the world as you can. Breathe deeply. Pay attention to the beauty: the clouds, the grass, the flowers, the weather, the beautiful houses. You can listen to your favorite music from player, you can take your camera to make beautiful pictures. Visit more the nearby towns, parks. Find a place where you like to be and visit them often.

- Take a bath. This can be a special ritual. Light the candles, turn on a calm, soothing music, add in water an aromatic sea salt, oil, or your favorite bath foam. Bring something new to the usual activities, take a bath with rose petals. You can also read in bathroom (feminine magazine, favourite book). Take time to yourself, indulge yourself.

- Body care (cleanliness and beauty, cleaning, hydration, nutrition). Please take care of your skin. Use high-quality cosmetics and creams. When you shower, use a hard sponge to clean the skin form toxins and non-living cells, nourish your skin with a body cream or lotion. Pamper your skin with nourishing facial masks, creams. Treat your skin with love and it will answer with health and cleanliness.

- Observe the mode of the day (go to bed till 22 and get up early till 7 am).
Vedic knowledge says that the longer a person is in bed after the sun came up, the shorter his or her life becomes, the worse health, beauty and happiness throughout the day. Why do I have to go to bed until 22 pm? Because the human brain is resting only 2 hours, from 22 to 24. The brain can do not rest for long time (for years). Effects: irritability, fatigue, mental disorders. Take care of your mental health.

 - Maintain a healthy lifestyle (nutrition, lack of bad habits and bad words.) Before you eat anything, ask yourself, will I like the feeling in the body, after I’ll eat this? While eating, ask yourself, do I want more or that’s enough? Choose healthy food. Control your bad habits and things what you say. This is also contribute a good health.